What does Stone Selection mean? It means searching for the perfect material, rigid selection, it means intuition, foresight, effort, it means respecting the architect’s requests, but at the same time verifying which are the best cuts once on site. From this phase, the whole project depends. That’s why we love Stone Selection.

2019 was a year full of travels looking for the perfect marble for our customers. A specific project has brought us several times to China, in the famous quarries of Guiyang, a city that hosts a marble particularly appreciated for its conformity and for that reason chosen by one of our important customers. Stone Selection, however, does not only mean have identified the perfect material. It is necessary:

  1. to follow the architect’s instructions to perfection, that is to identify the best slabs without imperfections (in our case the architect required panels without red wires, a feature here and there present in this type of marble);

  2. avoid waste, because TIA cares about Sustainability and tries to waste not much material when cutting panels.

Once we had identified the material, we came back to Italy and worked the marble here. Today the project in question is in the Dry-lay phase, that is, it is ready to be viewed by the architect, as if it were already assembled in its final destination. This is surely another of our strength points!

TIA Marble&Granite goes on!