It’s a delicate period, we know, but we are happy to announce that TIA Marble&Granite is fully operative, both locally and with various projects abroad. Of course, our attention is maximum, as well as precautions and compliance with current regulations, but our work doesn’t stop.

We have completed the second warehouse on site, which is adjacent to the first one and completely dedicated to the Dry-lay of our projects. A work that we have already talked about here and that brings the surface dedicated to Dry-lay to almost 1000 square meters.

Speaking of Dry-lay, one of the leading services of our company today, we currently have an important commission: the lobby of a building of particular importance in New York City. The materials chosen are the precious Thala Beige and Bateig Beige. Originally from Tunisia, Thala Beige is a particularly fine marble characterized by a uniform background colour and lighter blooms and veins, while Bateig Beige comes from Spain and is particularly appreciated for its high homogeneity. Discover the project for the Big Apple lobby in the gallery below, together with TIA offices and warehouses embraced by one of the many spectacular sunsets that these cold autumn evenings are giving us.

TIA Marble&Granite