Here we are: T.I.A. Marble&Granite Team in front of the entrance of our offices in Massa. On occasions like this – when we are all together taking the classic Happy Holidays photo – we cannotthink about the year that is about to end.

What can we say? It was certainly not an easy year! Humanity has been tested, and with her all our activities. There were months we couldn’t travel, months we had to postpone a project or a deadline. We experienced moments of great uncertainty that made us doubt the future and tremble a little.

Then we realized that we had to react: 2020 presented us with a challenge that we should have played with our best weapons, and so we did. And here came the months in which we concluded important negotiations, the months in which we returned to fly to the United States and China, the months in which we concluded the second warehouse dedicated to Dry-lay, the months in which we resolved everything via call – thank goodness! Also came the day One Vanderbilt, a project we proudly contributed to and the second tallest commercial skyscraper in New York, was inaugurated. Finally, came the day we hugged each other outside our offices in Massa, to wish each other Happy Holidays with the emotion of those who are ready to dive into the new year and into new projects.

It is with the same emotion that today we wish Happy Holidays to you too!
Spend them with the people you love, enjoy some rest and get ready to welcome 2021 with energy and positivity.

We’ll surely do it!

TIA Marble&Granite