What an honor to work on the new Court House of Jersey City! Designed by the award-winning architect Rafael Viñoly, the Jersey City Courthouse will be a mix of judicial spaces and public areas, which we’ve previously shown here and here. A project that has absorbed us for a significant part of the last two years and is about to be officially inaugurated.

The photos you see depict the some of the twenty-four judges’ chambers, already installed in the Court or set up in our large warehouse dedicated to Dry-lay. As many of you now know, Dry-lay is a service that allows the client to preview the entire project before it is shipped and assembled. Moreover, starting in 2023, TIA Marble&Granite has equipped itself with a new scanning system consisting of cameras capable of producing 4K images, extremely useful for us and the client as they provide a sensational perspective on the entire project.

Scroll through the photos for a sneakpeek inside the Court or layed in our warehouse.
We can’t wait to see the work finished. See you soon!

TIA Marble&Granite