Few months ago TIA Marble&Granite acquired a second shed, adjacent to the first, to dedicate it completely to the Dry-Lay of the projects taken over by the company. A goal that we are very proud of, which brings the surface dedicated to Dry-lay to almost 1000 square meters.

Dry-Lay is today one of the most important services of our company. Why is this service so appreciated? Because it allows you to see the entire work in preview, that is, before it is shipped and assembled. On one hand, this allows to enjoy the composition with all its veins and colors, and on the other to make sure that the final result is perfect.

In the second as in the first shed, our specialized personnel pre-install the materials, ensuring the homogeneity and quality control of each single piece that makes up the project. Once the perfection of the project has been assured, the material can be sent and installed at its place of destination. No bad surprises with TIA!