Project Description

Owner: PacoletMilliken/hines
General Contractor/CM: Turner Construction
Lead Design Firm: PeiCobbFreed&Partners
CurtainWall Consultant/Fabricator: PeiCobbFreed&Partners/bensonIndustriesInc.
Stone Supplier: T.I.A. Marble & Granite SRL

It was obvious from the start that the neighbors of 7 Bryant Parkwouldhave a role in the 30-story glass and stainlesssteel office towerthatHineswasdeveloping on the lotdiagonallyacross from the park.

In addition to a green spacewhere office workers and visitors relax and enjoy the open air or an afternoonmeal, the park, whichhasservedas a venue for Fashion Week, offerswinterice skating and sponsors pop-up boutiques.

A novel gesture transforms this midtown Manhattan office towerinto a momorablepresencethatenriches the public realm.
COnsisting of a lowerectangularpodium of ninefloors and a rectangulartower of 21floors set back above. Whitinthissimple volume ,twoconicalincisions – onepointing up, the other down, with theirapexestouchingat the setbacklevel- animate the building asseen from the park.

The glasssheathing of 7 Bryant Park isalsounique and contributes to the building’spresence in the neighborhood. Instead of the typical 10-ft-high by 5-ft-wide glasspanels, the design called for 10-ft by 10-ft panelsthatgive a “much more generous panorama” of the park.

The Italian marble supplied by TIA Marble & Granite, chosen for the building, stood out for its excellent use of natural stone, helping to give the building an imposing appearance and at the same time a harmonious style respecting the surrounding environment