Project Description


TIA Marble & Granite is specialized in cut to size, that is in the supply of custom-made floors and coatings based on customer’s architectural and design needs. For TIA Marble & Granite, cut to size is synonymous with flexibility and high precision: the first is guaranteed by the wide choice of materials available for the company, as it can rely on a wide selection of marble, granite and other precious materials from the renowned basin of Carrara and from all over the world, while the second is guaranteed by the company’s modus operandi, constantly focused on the perfect realization of the original architectural project.
After having chosen the most suitable material together with the client and the architects, TIA Marble & Granite proceeds with the cutting of the slabs first, then with the artisans finishes and, if required, the laying of the entire project. Find out what Rifinitura e il Dry-lay!