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T.I.A. Marble & Granite S.R.L. was founded in 1998.

The company has worked internationally with the United States, Canada and Europe and strives to provide a high degree of personal service as well as strong commitment to the clients.

T.I.A. Marble & Granite is specialized in “cut to size” and processing a wide range of fine stones.

Specialist areas of expertise include stone procurement for internal and external cladding as well as internal flooring and external paving. The company provides also specialist areas of stone consultant expertise including technical appraisal for stone selection with respect to long-term durability and in-service performance.

Over the years, T.I.A. Marble & Granite has collaborated with important architects and completed elegant buildings; innovative industry technologies have allowed the company to carry out works with different degrees of complexity and high quality standards.

Constant attention to the innovations and industry demand leaded T.I.A. Marble & Granite towards the thin stone technology. In the recent years stone panels of 10 mm of thickness have been manufactured and delivered in order to provide an efficient light-weight cladding solution.

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